Earth Flyby (October 9, 2013)


  • Perform apojove-like decontamination at closest approach (T minus 4 days for contingency)
  • Perform apojove-like decontamination & calibration at closest approach (T minus 3 days)
  • Upload scan mirror pointing table at closest approach (T minus 1 day)
  • Turn on at closest approach (T minus 6 hours), warmup for 1 hour, take data for 6 hours (closest approach (T minus 5 hours) to closest approach (T plus 1 hour))
  • From closest approach (T minus 5 hours) to closest approach (T minus 1 hour), observe Moon
  • Test moving scan mirror using nadir pulse signal
  • Get sensitivity at EUV wavelengths using reflected sunlight and comparing with LRO-LAMP results
  • From closest approach (T minus 20 minutes) to closest approach, observe Earth
  • Move scan mirror as quickly as possible to track southern auroral region
  • From closest approach to closest approach (T plus 1 hour), close door for dark observation
  • Get effectiveness of Ta shielding using high-energy electrons (and protons?) in radiation belts (RBSP provides state of radiation belts)
Juno Trajectory to Jupiter