UVS Instrument Summary

UVS is an integrated UV spectrograph composed of the following major elements:
  • One baffled entrance aperture
  • A 69 mm diameter flat scan mirror
  • A 41 x 65 mm off-axis paraboloidal primary telescope mirror.
  • A 50 x 50 mm toroidal holographic diffraction grating.
  • A 2-D imaging photon-counting microchannel plate (MCP) detector assembly with vacuum cover/window assembly.
  • Sensor mechanisms, actuators, heaters, switches, sensors.
  • Electronics that include:
    • Cross delay line detector electronics
    • Microcontroller and command & data handling electronics
    • Redundant low voltage power converters
    • Driver circuitry for actuators / heaters / switches, etc.
    • Redundant high voltage power supplies
    • Redundant scan mirror control electronics

  • Sensor
    • Scan Mirror
      • Optics
      • Detector
      • Electronics
    • Vault Electronics
      • Low and High Voltage Supplies
      • Command and Data Handling
      • Scan Mirror Control
    • Instrument Cable Harnessing
    • Mass: 13.65kg, CR to 15.29kg
    • Power (avg perijove): 11.8W, Peak Power: 14.3 W
    • Thermal Protoflight: Sensor: -15°C to 55°C, Electronics Box: -30°C to 60°C
    • Data Volume: 450Mbit perijove, 50Mbit apojove